Selamatkan Satwa Hutan Sulawesi: Sulawesi Multi-Site Outreach for Anoa and Babirusa Conservation


This project was led by AlTo (Alliance for Tampotika Conservation) and focused on Anoa and Babirusa and ran between September 2016 and March 2017. It was funded for approximately £3000 and its specific goals were to develop a comprehensive two-day outreach presentation that would; introduce schoolchildren and villagers to the whys and hows of forest and anoa/babirusa conservation, provide take-homes as tangible ongoing reminders of the campaign and include experiential components to help make the experience inspiring and memorable . The presentations designed would take place over two days; day one covers Sulawesi's forests: how they work, why they're important, and what must be done to conserve them and day two covers anoa and babirusa as threatened forest interior species. A third day of outreach includes memorable wrap-up community activities such as art, music, or games, and this varies by location.

The presentations were printed upon storyboards so that they could be given anywhere and are not reliant upon electricity so even the most remote communities can be reached. As well as presentations, posters and stickers were produced to increase the impact of outreach to those who didn’t attend the courses and two replica babirusa skulls were purchased to use in presentations to have greater impact. So far the 8 schools have received the outreach program in North Sulawesi and a training workshop for outreach staff took place in Tampotika in July 2017. Along with these 6-8 weeks of outreach implementation were planned in Tampotika and 4 weeks in Buton in 2017 as well as an evaluation to evaluate success and look at any changes if necessary to be made. The end goal for this project is to use it to lay the foundations for better enforcement of anti-hunting laws to protect the last remaining populations of anoa and babirusa.

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